G4 LED Bi Pin Bulbs for Path and Area Lights

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G4 LED Bi Pin Bulbs for Path and Area Lights

These Lamps are  fully encapsulated to keep moisture away from the diodes and are specifically designed for landscape lighting and outdoor low voltage lighting. Available as 15 & 25 watt replacement for halogen bulbs. Go green and use up to 80% less energy with LED lamps that last 20 times longer than halogen lamps. Very low maintenance, easy installation, and energy savings make LED bulbs the best investment for any outdoor landscape lighting system. These lamps feature high quality Cree Chips and high quality Drivers that offer a 3 year warranty.

Features for:

G4 BIPIN 312-0009 2W/190L 12V AC/DC 360° WARM WHITE
G4 BIPIN 312-0045 3W/270L 10-18V AC 360° WARM WHITE


  • Long Lasting – LED’s can last up to  20-50 times as long as comparable incandescent and halogen bulbs.
  • Cool – LED’s produce 3.4 btu’s/hour, compared to 85 btu’s/hour for incandescent
  • Efficient – LED’s use 25% less energy compared to a standard halogen bulb
  • Modular LED – convert existing lighting systems using the LED Retrofit Lamps without replacing the entire system, with the confidence of a full recovery of the investment. Approximate recovery of the initial investment will range with the hours used, and the initial cost of the lamps and labor saved in replacing the older lamps but typical call range between 12-24 months.
  • Internal Design –  LED’s are engineered for optimal use within an enclosed landscape lighting fixture.
  • Flexibility – LED systems that encapsulate the LED Emitter in the body of the fixture limit the ability to change a beam spread, or decrease or increase lumen output as landscape specimens grow on the project. In integrated LED fixtures,  the entire fixture needs to be replaced when trees outgrow the original product supplied, giving the owner a very expensive and inflexible proposition.

3 Year Full Warranty


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