Blaze 42-Inch Stainless Steel Outdoor Vent Hood – 2000 CFM


Blaze 42-Inch Stainless Steel Outdoor Vent Hood

Extra deep and high capacity design ensures the Blaze outdoor vent hood can handle any amount of grilling day or night.blazeoutdoorproducts-logo


Blaze 42-Inch Stainless Steel Outdoor Vent Hood – 2000 CFM

Ventilating an outdoor cooking space can be challenging due to the increased amount of smoke produced by outdoor cooking equipment. The Blaze 42-Inch Stainless Steel Outdoor Vent Hood pairs a deeper hood canopy with a powerful twin motor system to effectively clean the air from the grilling area. The industry leading 36” depth of the Blaze Hood protrudes further over the cooking space capturing more smoke when the grill lid is opened. The twin 1000 cfm motors create roughly 2000 CFMs of pull which averages 60% greater suction when compared to stronger outside hoods on the market today. The Blaze 42-Inch Stainless Steel Outdoor Vent Hood has powerful suction and increased depth, which allows an installation further away from the cooking surface. This offers both an easier view of the cooking area along with increased comfort for the chef.

Proper Installation of Vent Hoods are extremely Important- Failure to understand or follow the directions will result in inferior results.

Features for BLZ-WVH-42

  • 36” canopy depth maximizes the capture range of the vent hood.blazeoutdoorproducts-logo
  • Two independent and individually controlled 1000 CFM 4 speed motors (2000 CFMs total) provide exceptional smoke removal.
  • Higher allowable install height creates a more comfortable work area.
  • 4 adjustable halogen lights illuminate your cooking surface any time of day or night.
  • Innovative grease free retractable controls with lighted facing.


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About Blaze

At Blaze they understand how important it is to have a high quality, outdoor living space that people of all ages can truly enjoy. To most people, the ultimate summer entertainment activity is a big picnic with family and friends while cooking great food on the grill. That is why blaze has poured thousands of hours into developing their line of grills and other outdoor living products.

Blaze Grills didn’t start their company to simply be a business. They started their company because grilling and outdoor living is a passion that we all share. Their founding team has a combined 45 years of experience in the industry. They use that experience to develop, test and make their products fantastic – because they all love what they do each and every single day. The same passion that they bring to the company is transferred to their customers through every product that they manufacture. One of the biggest complaints they heard before they started Blaze Grills was that while everyone wanted an outdoor kitchen, most people thought they would never be able to afford an outdoor kitchen. They believe that every person should truly be able to afford a luxurious outdoor living space without breaking the bank in the process. They make every product with the consumer in mind, combining a super high quality product with an affordable price point.

People who purchase their products will see that they stand behind our word. They make their products to withstand the test of time, and they back them with a solid warranty.

Blaze engineers work tirelessly to make the perfect grill for each person’s cooking situation. Whether you need to feed your family or the entire neighborhood, they have the perfect grill for you. In the same regard, it doesn’t matter if you are new to grilling or a seasoned expert. They make a grill that will fit your skill set so that you can truly get the most out of your cooking.

At Blaze they love to grill. Even more, they love the environment of togetherness that a grill and an outdoor living area seems to instantly create. That is why their grills are engineered to be the best in the business but affordable to everyone at the same time. They want to help grow the outdoor living movement so that everyone who wants to experience it can.

Weight 136 lbs



Overall Dimensions Height 18 Inches Width 42 Inches Depth 36 Inches


Blaze gas grills have a lifetime warranty that warrants against any defects in the manufacturing and workmanship of the cooking grids, stainless steel housing and stainless steel burners. Control valves are warranted for fifteen (15) years, flame tamers and heat zone separators are warranted for five (5) years, while all other components are covered for one (1) year after the date of purchase. Grills must be registered within thirty days for the warranty to apply.


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It is important to install the hood at the proper mounting height . Hoods mounted too
low could result in heat damage and fire hazard . Hoods mounted too high will be
hard to reach and will lose performance and efficiency

For Best Results:
♦allow 36-40” between the top of your cooking surface and the bottom of hood
♦vent vertically through the roof if possible
♦vent through a side wall if you cannot vent directly above your range hood
♦use as few elbows in the venting as possible, with no more than three 90° elbows
♦make sure there is at least 24” of straight vent between any elbows
♦use silver or duct tape to seal all joints in the vent system
♦use caulking to seal exterior openings around the cap
♦always use metal or aluminum ducts for maximum airflow
♦always keep the duct clean to ensure proper airflow


indexThis product can expose you to chemicals including Chromium (hexavalaent compounds), which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to:

Blaze Face Book Page

Blaze Grill Homepage