12V Transformer 300watts w/Bluetooth Control

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12V Transformer 300watts w/Bluetooth Control

Sollos products support landscape transformer and timer only control modules with a Bluetooth Smart low-energy interface. The Sollos application interfaces with these products over Bluetooth to provide control of landscape lighting or other A/C powered devices.

Note: This app will only work if you have a Sollos Transformer product.
Email [email protected] to learn more about these products and where you can purchase a Sollos landscape transformer.

Key features:
+ Bluetooth wireless
+ Location (latitude and longitude) knowledgeable to adjust for sunrise and sunset.
+ Real time clock
+ Power meter to display the power usage on the landscape lighting system
+ Made in the USA
+ US Department of Energy Compliant
+ California Energy Commission Compliant

Features for: SOL-14TR-300750x750bb1750x750bb750x750bb2750x750bb3
  • For use with all 12V outdoor lighting fixtures
  • Multiple Taps (14v)
  • Bluetooth Ready
  • Astronomical Timer
  • Phone App Driven
  • Pre-loaded Programs



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