12V Solid Weathered Brass Path Area Light w/18″ Post

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12V Solid Weathered Brass Path Area Light

The 12V Solid Weathered Brass Path Area Light is made of solid cast brass to withstand the
toughest outdoor conditions. It features a copenhagen_dimensions500x500__40060.1442592374.500.750threaded hat design that eliminates the need for a compression gasket that is hard to get level. The hat simply screws on to the brass stem for a water tight and secure connection.



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12V Solid Weathered Brass Path Area Light

The 12V Solid Weathered Brass Path Area Light sometimes referred to as Area Lights are mostly sought after as a decorative solution to Professional Landscape lighting needs. Path / Area Lights are commonly used to illuminate paths or areas of light that serve dual purposes of both illumination and outdoor living decorative accessories.The main purpose of pathway and area lighting is ground illumination. Commonly, pathway lights may be used to:

  • Light sidewalks.
  • Accentuate and enhance the plants and floral beds around paths and patios.
  • Illuminate pathways for safety.
  • Cast light around patio spaces for greater beauty.
  • Can be used with low or high powered long life LED bulbs
  • Advantages of Pathway Lighting

    • Versatile: Pathway lights are useful for a wide variety of applications, including not only pathways but patios and stairs.
    • 24 hour Appeal: Unlike most other landscape lighting fixtures intended to blend in or be hidden, professional pathway lights add curb day or night.
    • Variety: Fixtures for pathways come in a large number of styles to suit anyone’s taste or design.
    • Don’t Need Mounting: Pathway lights are a good option when there is no hard surface to mount on. They fill a void and allow light to be added on walkways to allow them to be safely navigated.
Features for: SID-COPENHAGENpathway-lighting

  • Cast Brass 6 1/2″ Diameter Hat
  • Threaded Hat Design
  • All Shades Shipped with Heat Resistant Glass Lens & Hub Assembly
  • 18″  Solid Brass Post
    • Includes ABS Ground Stake, 1/2″ NPT Thread, slotted for ease of installation
    • 3′ – #18/2 Direct Bury Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Wire
    • Hi – Temp ceramic socket w/nickel contacts, stainless steel springs, and Teflon jacketed wire leads
    • 20 Watts Max
  • Wire Connectors Required (Not Included)
  • Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Transformer Required (Sold Separately)


  • Long Lasting – LED’s can last up to  50 times as long as comparable incandescent and halogen bulbs.
  • Cool – LED’s produce 3.4 btu’s/hour, compared to 85 btu’s/hour for incandescent
  • Efficient – LED’s use 25% less energy compared to a standard halogen bulb
  • Modular LED – convert existing lighting systems using the LED Retrofit Lamps without replacing the entire system, with the confidence of a full recovery of the investment. Approximate recovery of the initial investment will range with the hours used, and the initial cost of the lamps and labor saved in replacing the older lamps but typical range between 12-24 months
  • Internal Design – all Universal LED’s are engineered for optimal use within an enclosed landscape lighting fixture.
  • Flexibility – LED systems that encapsulate the LED Emitter in the body of the fixture limit the ability to change a beam spread, or decrease or increase lumen output as landscape specimens grow on the project. In integrated LED fixtures,  the entire fixture needs to be replaced when trees outgrow the original product supplied, giving the owner a very expensive and inflexible proposition.




Hi – Temp ceramic Bi-Pin G4 socket w/nickel contacts, stainless steel springs, and Teflon jacketed wire leads

Wire Lead

3′ #18/2 Direct Burial

Post/Ground Stake

18″ Brass Post – Includes (GS1) ABS Ground Stake, 1/2″ NPT thread, slotted for ease of installation


All of our fixtures, with the exception of the following, carry a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Richmond Fixture: 5 Year Limited Warranty.
Washington Fixtures: 5 Year Limited Warranty.
Steel Bollards with Powder Coated Finish: 5 Year Limited Warranty.

This warranty is limited to defective parts or material only. Labor charges and/or damage incurred in installation, repair or replacement, as well as incidental or consequential damage connected therewith, are excluded.


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