1 Hour Lockable Gas Timer


No more worries about leaving the grill or fire pit burning. This gas timer features an 1 hour timer that must be engaged to allow the gas to flow. Easy to install and no electricity needed makes it simple for anyone to install. The Stainless Steel housing keeps the timer out of the weather and comes with a lock to keep kids and unwanted users out.


1 Hour Lockable Gas Timer


  •  1-Hour offers additional safety by automatically shutting of the flow of natural gas to the barbecue or fire featureTimer-Dimensions
  • No electricity needed
  •  1/2-inch NPT piping on both ends
  • The dial is marked in 3 twenty minute increments
  • The timer dial will auto rotate (counter-clockwise) and will shut off the gas supply when the dial reaches off
  • Rated up to 100,000 BTUs/ Max temperature 125 degrees Fahrenheit



1/2″ Inlet and 1/2″ Gas Outlet


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