Installing a New Custom Fire Pit

With the cooler days and nights ahead, many people will be asking about the addition of a fire feature. Fire features come in many forms and can be as simple as adding a lightweight store bought propane fire table or digging a hole in the back yard and using wood to feed the fire. The first step is to find out what the client needs and wishes are and then to tailor the project to their needs. To do this we need to understand the different styles and product that are available and also the advantages and disadvantages they present. Visit our new “How To” section on our web site to find out the answers…

1.) Wood Burning Fire Pits – The sky is the limit here! the biggest advantage is of course heat, wood fires produce coals that can reach temperatures near 2000F! They can produce an abundance of radiant heat that can keep people warm in the coldest environment. Of course all those coals leave a nice mess after the fire goes out and the smoke produced clings to clothes leaving everyone smelling like a campfire well after the fire goes out. But there is nothing as beautiful as a natural wood fire.

2.) Gas Burning Fire Pits – There are so many choices in this category! Simple freestanding tables with 45,000 BTU burners to Custom fire pits with 400,000K burners you can provide a simple and safe solution if you what is available and how to build it. At AOK we only carry CSA certified systems that will give your clients years and years of use and memories give us a Call today to discuss your needs.

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How to build and select a fire pit burner



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