Double Doors are the most popular outdoor kitchen storage solution, double doors are also referred to as double access doors. The access door is a decorative outer frame with a inner bracket for mounting. These doors when opened will provide access to whatever the interior space of the enclosure is finished with and provide an easy way to gain access to gas and plumbing lines.

Most grill manufactures offer access doors that compliment their appliances, and will have brand names or logos on the doors. These storage solutions will often cost more than some of the generic brands that are available today. Generic brands offer the same high quality 304 Stainless Steel and finish without the logos. When purchasing Doors we recommend using a door that is close in width to the appliance above it. (Ex: a 30″ or 32″ wide grill = 1 – 30″ Access door).

Typical uses for Access Doors:

  • Under Barbecue Grills and Sideburners for gas line and electric hookups
  • Under Sinks and Bar Centers for plumbing connections
  • Under counter extra storage for covers, pots and pans and cushions