Caliber Grills and Range Corporation was born out of a creative passion for culinary design and engineering. Elegant in form and functional prowess, every product is designed with a simple goal of exceeding the expectation of the most seasoned grilling aficionado. We know our customers expect great heat™ and we strive to deliver exactly that in all we do.Partners Randy Rummel and Dan Nichols have been creating superior  appliances for commercial and residential professionals for decades and With years of culinary experience, their passion for innovation resonates clearly through every detail of each design we create. We’re constantly working to discover new ways to improve cooking technology and seek possibilities for new applications. Innovative thinking is in our our dna, it’s what drives us to look forward and consider new concepts for great heat.

Caliber Crossflame Pro™ Grill Burner
The patent pending Crossflame™ burner design is a marvel of cooking technology where heat is evenly distributed front to back as well as left to right.
Packed with 30,000 btu’s, each burner delivers on our promise when you Expect Great Heat™
Iterations using the patent pending technology and design have been integrated into the quality cast brass burner as shown here as well as the tubular version of the Crossflame Silver™ series grills in our line up.

Prior to founding Caliber Range Corporation, Randy was the Founder & Principal Designer of Revolve Design Inc. since its inception in 2004. Before Revolve, Randy was a co-founder of Dynamic Cooking Systems, a leading manufacturer of premium cooking appliances, and served as President & CEO from October of 2003 through 2004. Other positions Randy held while involved with DCS included Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer.
Rummel & Partners founded DCS in 1987 and quickly became a leader in the design and manufacture of high end Outdoor Grills, Professional Residential Ranges & Wall Ovens, as well as Commercial Cooking Equipment.

Caliber Range